Automatic ESG reporting 1.0




Robin Meier

What’s all this for?

In order to carry out legally compliant reporting according to the ESG criteria, a lot of information and data is required, which must be collected from various sources and manually compiled into an ESG report. It is important to ensure that the data is correct and up-to-date. In addition, the results must be presented in a clear and concise format that is easy to understand for all stakeholders.

What are we planning to do?

In view of these challenges, the foundation will investigate what automated ESG reporting could look like. The area of waste management is taken as an example and tested.

The findings from this research will be published in a comprehensive scientific report to improve the understanding and application of ESG reporting in practice.

In addition, recommendations are provided for companies and organizations wishing to produce their own ESG reports to ensure they use the best practices and latest technologies.

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