An extensive structural one change in terms of how we construct and operate buildings in the future is needed.

Leading figures are involved in the SBIF Companies from the Construction and real estate industry together with scienceto face these challenges together and develop holistic solutions to meet their responsibilities in our industry.

The construction and real estate industry is facing major challenges.

On the one hand, the construction and real estate industry is bearing ever greater responsibility for environmental and climate problems. Strict regulations are already being introduced here and will likely be tightened in the future. On the other hand, the industry is struggling with unstable construction costs, a growing shortage of skilled workers and the changing demands of building users. This mix, combined with the fact that not every innovation is successful, presents many involved with challenges that are difficult to overcome alone.

Increasing shortage of skilled workers

Environmentally harmful construction

Damage to habitat

Rising construction costs

Growing user demands

Our vision

We strive to revolutionize the construction and real estate world and help create buildings that last not only today, but also in the future. We are convinced that these principles will not only change the way we build and live, but also make a positive contribution to our society and environment.

Our vision is to create buildings that:

Energy self-sufficient to ensure a sustainable future.

CO2 storage through circular economy approaches and the use of natural building materials.

Adapted to climate change to ensure resilience in our changing world.

Through efficient construction processes, including digital planning and serial construction, increasing efficiency and quality.

A autonomous operation support that underlines the independence and intelligence of tomorrow's buildings.

Life-enhancing work by being user-centered and promoting biodiversity.

To the construction & real estate industry this to bring you closer to your goals, our business and scientific partners are dedicating themselves intensively to these research questions.

Together we pool resources and experts to achieve results that go far beyond what a single company can achieve alone. Our common goal is to find clear answers to the most pressing social questions regarding commercial real estate.

What will the future of our buildings look like? How can we implement sustainable and climate-neutral or even climate-positive construction projects in 2050 without losing sight of economic viability? Time is of the essence and it is no longer practical for every company to look for solutions alone. In addition, it makes little economic sense for everyone to work for themselves.

At the SBIF we believe in the power of cooperation and shared commitment. We rely on knowledge transfer and combined expertise to overcome the challenges of our industry and shape a sustainable future.

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How is working The Foundation?

Innovations in the construction and real estate industry currently follow traditional industry cycles, which often take several years. Every real estate project has a limited, often quite short, period of time to determine performance requirements at the design stage. It usually takes several years for these plans to be implemented. After this point, changes should be avoided as they will result in additional costs.

In order to meet these challenges, we decouple the innovation process from the natural project cycles. We first test innovations in small real-world laboratories under real field conditions. Only after they have been successfully tested for effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and practical suitability are they used in larger projects.

This approach allows us to introduce innovations faster and more efficiently, without the burden of costs and timelines of traditional projects. We are shaping the future of the construction & real estate industry by rethinking and adapting best practices to bring innovation to market faster.

After we have gained practical insights, these are carefully prepared for our target groups (builder, owner and user) in order to enable seamless integration into the respective phases of the project business. This ensures that the findings can be integrated into ongoing projects under optimal conditions.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the operational phase, we take the findings from the operational phase into account in our overall evaluation. These findings are also fed back into the planning process so that all relevant consequences are taken into account right from the start.

The key component for the success of this process is honesty and trust in our collaboration. Only through open and honest exchange can we overcome the major challenges in our industry.

What we are working on

In order to initiate our work in the foundation and get the processes going, we have started with smaller projects in the past. These projects serve as a starting point for our larger initiatives and allow us to gain valuable insights and experiences that will inform our future efforts.

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Together we can do more!

Together we can shape a better world that ensures a future worth living for our children and future generations. We can not only make our buildings a source of joy in life, but also manage them sustainably and use them in harmony with their immediate and indirect surroundings.

If you are also interested in our research questions and are interested in not following this path alone, then you are welcome to join us. If you are friendly, open and open to a better construction industry of tomorrow, then don't hesitate to reach out and work with us. We very much welcome your participation.

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The foundation in public

Our first trade fair appearance – and what a one! The preparatory work was worth it... Experience in our exclusive ntv interview at this year's EXPO Real how Frank Hermanns, Managing Director of Smart Building Innovation gGmbH, highlights the current challenges in the real estate industry. We delve into the mood and discuss the difficulties in view of the current market situation, new regulations and sustainability issues. Frank shares exciting insights into our initiatives within the SBIF and how we are tackling these challenges together. Look forward to an inspiring interview that will, among other things, cover measurable and assessable measures, innovative solution approaches and the decoupling of innovation and project risks.

On the first day of the trade fair we were part of the special show “EXPO REAL Decarb” in the NOVA³ hall. In addition to the general presentation of the SBIF, we presented our catalog of measures for the portfolio. Many thanks to everyone who worked on the catalog. Together we shape a sustainable future!

The real estate industry is changing: 🏢 The SBIF in an ntv interview at EXPO Real 2023
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